Thursday, January 7, 2010

Basic Computer Definition

Computer can be describe as an electronic device operating under control of instruction stored its control Unit logically processes then store the data.
Data - Refers to numbers, letters, characters or combination therefore entered, analyzed and processed by a computer.

Programme - Refers to a series of instruction that tells a computer what to do.
Software - Refers to progrmmes that may be used in computers. Software are divided into two categories

System Software - These are programs that control and direct the operation of computer hardware. They help users to interrupt with the computer to effectively use his resources examples includes Windows programs like WinNT, Windows 2000 professional, DOS , Windows XP etc

Applications Software - These are programs that help the users to perform task such as writing letters, drawing diagrams, performing accounting, editing programs e.g. Office Applications like MS Word, MS Excel, Sage accounting package etc
Hardware - Are basic components of computers e.g. Printer, Screen (Monitor), Memories chips etc

Information - Refers to a processed data that is meaningful and useful Information

Processing - Is the production of data or raw facts into useful or meaningful form
Peripheral Devices - Are input devices, output devices or auxiliary storage devices connected to the computer externally

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