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Computer Data Processing Parts

Central Processing Unit - Also known as CPUIs where processing take place. It is an electronic device that serves as the brain of a computer in conjunction with other devices that i.e. input and output device.
Components of a CPU includes
Arithmetic Logic Unit (A.L.U) - Refers to the part where all arithmetic logically functions are performed
Control Unit - Directs sequences of events necessary to execute an instruction by repeating the following four operations
•           Fetching
•           Decoding
•           Executing
•           Storing
Primary Memory - This the main storage device in the computer system that stores data temporarily when data is being process
Data Presentation - Computer identify an electrical impulse that is high voltage on and low voltage off e.g. d is represented by 1100100
The one with zero can further be coded Coding is a method where a series of zeros and ones are assigned decimal there are two types of codes namely
•           American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII)
•           Extended Binary Decimal Interchange Code (EBCDIC)
The small piece of recognize data by a computer is called a Bit
Bit - Is a single binary value either one (1) or zero(0)
Byte - A group of bits and is the basic unit for measuring memories
Computer Word - Is the number of adjacent bits that can be stored and manipulated as 1 unit, the longer the computer word the faster the speed. The longer the word that Computer can manipulate the greater the data that can be processed
Input - This refers to the process of entering programme data.
Program Which are coded and stored in main memory determine the type of processing to be done, programmes are entered through the Keyboard or access from Auxiliary storage devices
Command - These are keywords and phrases that users input to direct the computer to perform certain activities e.g. quit, print, save etc
User Responses - Instructions that users input in response to questions or messages from the Operating system or application Software
Input Devices - These are peripheral devices used e.g. Keyboard, mouse, Joystick, light pen, touch screen, voice input, Scanner and CDO output to enter data to the computer.

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